Seminario Investigación: Verification of timed continuous Petri net properties using structural objects

Título: Verification of timed continuous Petri net properties using structural objects

Ponente: Manuel Navarro Gutiérrez 

Día: martes 20 de junio 

Hora: 11:00 

Lugar: Seminario S.23 (segunda planta) 

Duración: 30 minutos


Abstract: In this work, a set of structural objects that allow to characterize behavioral properties in time continuous Petri nets, related with the performance of a system, is studied. Such structural objects are known as configurations and are associated with subnets that determine the system evolution depending on its state. A classification of the set of configurations of a net into suitable (if the associated subnet has a P-semiflow) and problematic (otherwise), allows to guarantee that a system enjoys the monotonicity, continuity, and deadlock-freeness properties when no problematic configurations are present in the net; finding the set of these last configurations becomes necessary to achieve a proper operation and a better performance of the modeled system.

 Since the set of configurations of a net grows exponentially on the number of join transitions, obtaining the set of problematic configurations may be a computationally complex task if no previous refinement is contemplated. In this sense, some classical net reduction rules, such as fusion of places, fusion of transitions, macroplaces, and implicit places are reconsidered to incorporate the arc weights of the net for studying this new type of problem. Besides reducing the net size, the iterative application of these rules helps to discard the suitable configurations, resulting in a reduced net from which it is possible to compute the problematic ones —of the original net— in a simpler way. Some illustrative examples are presented to explain the advantages and drawbacks of the method.


Short Bio: Manuel Navarro Gutiérrez is a PhD student at the Center of Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV) in Mexico working under the supervision of Profs. Antonio Ramírez-Treviño and Manuel Silva. His doctoral research is focused on the characterization, verification, and enforcement of behavioral properties in timed continuous Petri nets. He received the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from CINVESTAV in 2013