Seminario: "Manage your research career. Life after PhD"

Ponente: Luis Montesano
Día: Jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018
Hora: 10:00-11:00h
Lugar: Seminario del Dept. Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas, Edif. Ada Byron


Título: Manage your research career. Life after PhD.

Luis Montesano, Dept. Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas, Universidad de Zaragoza


After several years of hard work you completed your MsC and are about to finish your PhD. The question is: what now? What should I do? What opportunities exist out there? How do I continue my career? This talk will discuss these issues and will present the main national and international opportunities for pursuing a research career including post-doctoral fellowships, funding programs, application procedures for professorships or industrial opportunities for PhDs. The talk will also consider important aspects for a successful career such as writing your application, networking or how to select a research topic or your next institution.


Luis Montesano is Profesor Titular at the University of Zaragoza and Chief Scientific Officer of BitBrain Technologies. He has been involved and raised funds for research in 25+ projects from public entities such as the European Commission and the Spanish Ministry of Science. He has 60+ research publications in the areas of neuroscience, neural engineering, brain-machine technology, machine learning, computational learning, human-computer interaction, motor neurorehabilitation and intelligent robotics. Related to the talk topic, he has applied to almost every possible programme for funding including personal fellowships and research projects. For three years, he was a post-doc at Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon. He was also awarded a Ramon y Cajal Fellowship. He has written and participated in several EU projects, Portuguese and Spanish national projects and, more recently, he has been involved in projects with industry.