Seminario: Robot social navigation in human-inhabited spaces

Seminario: Lunes 15 de enero a las 13:30 Seminario S21 del Ada Byron

 Ponente  Luis Merino. Universidad Pablo Olavide de Sevilla



 Title: Robot social navigation in human-inhabited spaces



Abstract of the talk:


Robots acting among humans require social awareness when performing their tasks. That is, people should be considered differently from other dynamic obstacles present in the scene. And this has to be considered in the entire robot navigation stack, from high-level planning and supervision to motion planning and execution. In the talk, different techniques developed by our group for robot social navigation will be presented and discussed. These include techniques for human-aware motion planning, learning methods for obtaining people navigation intention models and social cost functions from observations/demonstrations, task planning considering human intentions and learned models, and how all these different techniques can be combined to achieve social navigation.