PhD Program in Systems Engineering and Computer Science

The PhD Program in Systems Engineering and Computer Science (RD 99/2011) qualifies to the PhD degree by University of Zaragoza. The goal of this PhD Program is the training of doctors who lead the generation of knowledge and its transfer to society through the development of an "original research" during the beginning of its research career with high levels of quality, internationalization, innovation, recognition and mobility. The PhD Program offers research training in the fields of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, which emanates from the research groups, recognized by the Government of Aragón, at the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering of the University of Zaragoza and whose lines of work are the following:


  • Information Systems and Web Engineering: Design and development of access systems to remotely located information; Software technologies for information systems with geo-referenced data, Service-oriented architectures; wireless devices.
  • Systems Engineering of Discrete Events: Formalisms and formal methods for the modeling, design and analysis of manufacturing production systems, logistics, traffic (air, rail, urban...), distributed information, decentralized work, etc.
  • Robotics, Perception and Real Time Service and intervention robotics: Advanced perception systems; Computer vision; Real-time systems.
  • Advanced Computer Graphics: Synthetic image. Computational photography. Virtual reality. Mixed Reality. Human Machine Interaction. Videogames.
  • Computer Architecture: High Performance Computing, Memory Hierarchy for Multiprocessors, Heterogeneous Systems and Accelerators, Performance-and Energy-aware programming for general purpose and embedded systems.


In the following link ( is presented the specific information of the PhD Program, its objectives and research lines, the procedure to apply for the program, as well as the different aspects related to the completion of the PhD thesis at the University of Zaragoza.


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