Seminario: "Helping save lives with SLAM"

El miércoles 8 de mayo de 2024 a las 13.00 en el Aula A07 del edicio Ada Byron se celebrará el seminario "Helping save lives with SLAM" a cargo de María García Puyol, PhD, Gen AI Field solutions Architect at Google Cloud.


Bio: Maria obtained her PhD at the Technical University of Munich, on Crowdsourcing Motion Maps for Reliable Indoor Pedestrian Navigation. She currently works at Google Cloud to accelerate the adoption of GenAI solutions! In the past Maria led the efforts to estimate a user's altitude and floor number at the Android Location and Context Team and helping improve Android location quality overall. She was co-founder of the Android Emergency Location Service, which is currently live in over 50 countries, helping locate people in emergency situations.


Abstract: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that improved location accuracy, which can reduce emergency response time by one minute, has the potential to save over 10,000 lives annually. Maria will share her career journey utilizing SLAM technology to achieve accurate location for life-saving applications. She will begin by discussing her work at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), where she focused on indoor pedestrian navigation using FootSLAM, a SLAM system based on a foot-mounted IMU designed to tackle challenging localization scenarios like firefighter rescue operations. She will then discuss her work to improve location accuracy for billions of Android devices. Additionally, Maria will talk about her experience co-founding the Android Emergency Location Service, which sends the caller's accurate location to first responders during emergency calls. She will share real-life examples of how this technology has helped save lives.