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We are very sad to learn of the passing away of Prof. Manuel Silva (Manolo for his friends). He was an excellent researcher in many aspects of the Discrete Event Dynamic Systems and specifically in the development of the Structure theory of Petri nets exploited in many application fields.

But for us in Torino, he was a mentor that guided directly and indirectly the growth of our research group interested in the application of Petri nets for the performance and reliability evaluation of computer and communication systems. He was the first colleague who appreciated the mixing of timed and immediate transitions in Petri net models, suggesting however the need of exploiting structural analyses before proceeding with the numerical solution.

During the 80’ many members of our groups in Torino and Zaragoza exchange reciprocal visits that set the ground for an extensive and fruitful period of cooperation from 1990 until 1998, under the umbrella of two European Research Projects. Lately the collaboration continued with individual contacts always with the certainty that we could count on the vast knowledge of Manolo in case of need.

Manolo was also an excellent expert of arts and history and we all remember his erudite explanations during the visits of the Aljaferia castle in Zaragoza.

We will miss him greatly, but his teachings will remain with us.

Our condolences to his wife Maria Regina, to his sons Manuel-Guillermo and Alejandro ant to his close friends and colleagues

Marco Ajmone Marsan,, Gianfranco Balbo, Gianni Conte, Susanna Donatelli, Giuliana Franceschinis, Matteo Sereno

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